9-11 Remembrance in Johnsburg



September 10th:

            The setting up preparations for the Annual “Circle of Flags”

September 11th:               (rain or shine)

9am – The Placing of all the American Flags, the 9-11 Flags

7pm – The Evening Retrieval of all Flags.

There will be minor, but no elaborate Services.



For the last several years, this annual event has taken place on the property of the First Midwest’s green lawn, next to the Johnsburg Public Library, directly across from the Fire Station, Unit #2 (Johnsburg), on Johnsburg Road.


From the very first, the purpose of each year’s observance was to be some form of remembering the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  The current, annual American Flag display grew from a simple desire to help remind the busy people of this growing community, for just a few moments, that “today” is once again September 11th and that only a relative few years ago, parts of our Nation came under savage attack. 


It has been through the continuous endeavors of Barbara and Don Klapperich, long time residents of Johnsburg, which kept each year’s observance truly of the people and by the people.  Along with the varied support of many of the community - and often even beyond, which gradually lead to the “Annual 9-11 Remembrance Circle of Flags and Candlelight Services.”  From time to time, they also arranged for the respectful placing of memorial wreaths as part of this Circle to remember and honor recently fallen Soldiers.


With the aid of several anonymous donations, they were able to purchase the 28 American Flags and their poles which have been flown every 9-11 since 2005. These American Flags will fly each September 11th until no longer serviceable.


Their proud yet simple purpose has ever been that this day should not be forgotten. 




The helpful and appreciated assistance of Boy &/or Girl Scouts are invited to participate and learn how to lay out the 60’ to 80’ wide circle in which the over 25 American Flags will be placed the next morning; to help mark out the proper placement for each American Flag.  This is both an educational and patriotic experience for all those participating – Scout masters, parents, siblings are encouraged to help, learn or just watch.  


This exercise usually takes only an hour or two to complete, beginning at 3pm.  Please call for Details.




Beginning at 9am, the “CIRCLE OF FLAGS” ~ which is the placing of all the American Flags, including three specifically dedicated/designed September 11th flags, will begin.  This will be a solemn placement of these flags – rain or shine. 


Firemen, Policemen, Veterans, those who have been involved in some aspect of September 11th are welcome to participate in the placement of these beautiful and anonymously donated American Flags.


A Prayer will be offered, followed by a few Moments of Silence afterwards. Flowers may be placed anytime during the day.


If a Fireman, Policeman, American Soldier, has fallen, and a family member or comrade wishes to place a wreath in their memory, please contact the number below and arrangements will be made to accommodate.




At 7pm, this day long, patriotic display will conclude with the respectful Retrieval of the Flags.  Again, Firemen, Policeman, Veterans, those involved with some aspect of September 11th are invited to participate.  Those who wish only to watch, pay their respects by the lighting and holding of a candle in memory of the many tragedies and acts of heroism related to this day, are invited to attend.  There will be a prayer, a few words, the Retrieval of Flags.


With regret, there will be no other ceremony… though there will continue to be the yearly Placing & Retrieval of these American Flags until these Flags need to be retired.

This will hold until the 15th Anniversary, 2016.


A Most Sincere *Thank You* To All  who have participated these past many years, to all those who gave up of their time to step forward and become a part of the 9-11 history within Johnsburg.


An especial thank you to the First Midwest Bank for the generous use of their perfectly placed property. All this could not have happened quite so well without their supportive patriotism. 


To all the Firemen, the Policemen, the Servicemen, who have given of their time to honor their fallen comrades.


To the parents who encouraged their children to learn and perform acts of Patriotism.  To Mr. Richard Wolf for always being there with his microphone. To the Leaders of our Community for all their many assistances and support.


On behalf of my husband, Don, and myself, I most sincerely thank all who have helped us from the very first September 11th and onwards, making each and every 9-11 Remembrance in Johnsburg a living example of the Heart of America and the reason for our American strength and pride.


For any additional information, please contact me, Barbara Klapperich at either:  815-385-8128  or: barbk9jingo@yahoo.com.