Meet Dr. Dale Coy, Author of "Morton's Fork", Registration NOT required

Aug 29 2016 6:00 pm



Dale Coy, M.D. received his medical degree from The Ohio State University and completed an Internal Medicine residency and Gastroenterology fellowship at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  He is in private practice at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital and Centegra Medical System.  With twenty years of experience he is an expert in digestive and liver diseases.


When Dr. Dale Coy pledged the Hippocratic oath he fervently believed in the importance of putting a patient’s needs first.  Although his commitment to patient care has not changed, he is now forced to practice in a health care environment where business principles become the priority.  


"Morton's Fork" is a thought-provoking social commentary that provides unique insight into the heart and soul of a doctor.  Roger Hartley is a dedicated old-school physician who prides himself on knowing his patients by name and promptly returning their phone calls.  But squeezed by the new  economics of health care his tidy world begins to unravel and Hartley reaches his breaking point and commits a rash act that unexpectedly thrusts him into the center of the hot-button political issue of healthcare.  Chaos ensues as the worlds of law and medicine collide.


"Morton’s Fork" depicts the environment of eroding patient respect, financial uncertainty, vulnerability, and shame as it shows how the loss of balancing rewards is taking its toll on our nation’s physicians.  Coy’s mission is to bring emotions to light as seen from the voice of a physician.  This novel leaves the reader with a greater understanding of tort reform and the issues that derail our health care system.  Will empathy be the antidote?