Library Board of Trustees Rescheduled Meeting

Feb 16 2010 6:00 pm


Minutes of the Meeting
Of the
Board of Trustees
Johnsburg Public Library
Feb. 16, 2010
Trustees Present: J. Stockwell, M.J. Farrell, K. Hughes, E. Robel, K. Kucik
Also present: Dir. M. Zawacki
Trustees Absent: R. Barnes, E. Munson.
Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm by V-P M.J. Farrell, as Pres. E. Munson was absent.
Approval of Minutes
Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by E. Robel, to approve the minutes of the Jan. meeting as presented. Ayes: J. Stockwell, E. Robel, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik. Abstention: K. Hughes. Motion passed.
Approval of Bills
Motion was made by K.Hughes, seconded by J. Stockwell, to approve payment of the bills in the amount of $43,875.50 from the general fund. Ayes: J. Stockwell, K. Hughes, E. Robel, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Financial Report
Trustees reviewed the treasurer’s financial report, noting the lower per capita this year, but it was felt the fiscal position is good.
Committee Reports
There were no committee reports.
Trustees reviewed the notice from the Illinois Library Assoc. announcing “Snapshot Day” in support of continued funding for Illinois libraries.
Trustees reviewed notice of “status upgrade” from the Paper Retriever Co.
Trustees reviewed notice from the Sec. of State office announcing $12,200.10 per capita grant.
Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business.
New Business
Trustees reviewed proposed Technology Plan July 1, 2010-June 30, 2013. Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by K. Hughes, to approve the proposed Technology Plan. Ayes: E. Robel. J. Stockwell, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, K. Hughes. Motion passed.
Trustees reviewed three bids for a new staff copier. Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by K. Kucik, to accept bid from Stan’s Office Technology for the new copier in the amount of $1500.00. $1,000.00 will be provided through a donation and $500.00 will come from capital funds. Ayes: J. Stockwell, K. Hughes, M.J. Farrell, E. Robel, K. Kucik. Motion passed.
Dir. Zawacki asked for volunteers to staff the library’s table at the trade expo Sat. March 20th. Volunteers: Kucik and Farrell 11:00-12:30, Stockwell 12:30-2:00, and Hughes 2:30- 4:00.
Director’s Report
Trustees reviewed the director’s report.
Public Input
There was no public input.
Board Input
There was no board input.
Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by K. Hughes, to adjourn the meeting. Ayes: E. Robel, M.J. Farrell, J. Stockwell, K. Hughes, K. Kucik. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned by V-P M.J. Farrell at 6:22pm.
                                    Respectfully submitted,
                                    Kathleen Kucik, secretary