Apr 11 2017 2:34 pm


Minutes of the Board of Trustees


Johnsburg Public Library

 April 11, 2017


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by President M. Diedrich at 7:05 P.M.  Trustees present:  M. Diedrich, R. Barnes, K. Gustafson, B. Harmel, P. Shearer, and J. Stockwell. Director M. Zawacki was present.

Trustee absent:  K. Hughes.


Approval of Minutes

Motion was made by B. Harmel and seconded by J. Stockwell to approve the minutes of the March 14, 2017 Board Meeting.

Ayes:  M. Diedrich, R. Barnes, K. Gustafson, B. Harmel, P. Shearer and J. Stockwell.

Motion passed.


Approval of Bills

Motion was made by J. Stockwell and seconded by K. Gustafson to approve the payment of the April 2017 bills in the amount of $56,785.53.

Ayes:  M. Diedrich, R. Barnes, K. Gustafson, B. Harmel, P. Shearer and J. Stockwell.

Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Financial Report

Trustees reviewed the FY Year 2016-2017 March 31, 2017 financial report.


Committee Reports




Trustees reviewed the impressive Friends of the Library Online Sales Update. 2017 online sales-- January ($1259), February ($938) and March 1-20 ($733) 2017 totaled $2930-- the highest monthly sales ever to date.


Trustees reviewed the Update on the Johnsburg Road entrance light. More bids are being reviewed. There are two proposed options A and B. Option B – furnish and install a 20’ light pole on the East side of entrance, tie into exterior building lighting circuit is the preferred choice. Option B’s proposal includes a new concrete pole base, a 20’ light pole with 78w LED fixture, piping and wiring, and spoils removal. Option B’s proposal does not include permits and fees, final landscaping and seeding (other than trench back-filling), and overtime (all work to be done on weekdays during normal business hours).


Trustees reviewed the Homeschool Resource Center inquiry from Texas. Director M. Zawacki directed the request to K. Wentz to review and to submit to M. Zawacki for a formal response.


Trustees reviewed the February and March IT Reports.  Wiring in the library needs upgrading along with extending the wireless reach. There has been an ongoing issue with the Scan To Email computer function.


Trustees reviewed the Tax Income for FY2018. The 2018 amount $604,717.24 McHenry County Total Extension is a 1.1% increase over FY2017’s Tax Income’s $598,397 amount.


Trustees reviewed the Preliminary IMRF Contribution Rate 8.96% for the Calendar Year 2018. 2017’s IMRF rate is 9.7%.


Trustees reviewed Trustee R. Barnes end of term after April 11, 2017’s meeting. After 8 years faithfully serving as a Johnsburg library board trustee we wish him well in his future community ecclesiastical service and lifetime pursuits.


Unfinished Business 



New Business

Director M. Zawacki reminded board members that the next meeting is being held May 16th—the third Tuesday of the month.



Director’s Report

 1.  Staff Holiday Recognition:

Due to the inclement December weather, the outing to Paisano’s was snowed out. New plans for staff were made for April 7 to cater a dinner from 31 North (cost of $181) and then have a paint program (cost of $150) afterwards in the library’s meeting room.  The dinner was held, but the painting is now being rescheduled for May 12. Library staff will be painting a scene with their favorite book titles/authors on a book spine.


This week is National Library Week.


Public Input



Board Input




Motion was made by R. Barnes and seconded by J. Stockwell to adjourn.

Ayes:  M. Diedrich, R. Barnes, K. Gustafson, B. Harmel, P. Shearer and J. Stockwell. President M. Diedrich adjourned the meeting at 7:45 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,





                   Karen Gustafson



April 2017



Staff Holiday Recognition:

Because our December outing to Paisano’s was snowed out, we made plans to go on April 7.  In the course of booking a Paint and Sip program for library patrons this summer, staff came up with the idea of having one for staff (minus the Sip part), instead of the Paisano’s outing.  So we are catering a dinner from 31 North (cost is $181) and then having the paint program afterwards (cost is $150), all in the meeting room.  The painting we’ll be doing is a scene with book spines and we’ll paint our favorite book titles/authors on the spine.




March 2017 statistics:

TOTAL CIRCULATION:  5,343                  AVG. DAILY CIRCULATION:  172

VOLUMES ADDED:             229                            VOLUMES WITHDRAWN:  496

TOTAL VOLUMES:  60,581                         TOTAL PATRONS REGISTERED:  12,418




Respectfully submitted,




Maria Zawacki


Library Director