Library Board of Trustees Meeting

May 10 2011 7:00 pm


Minutes of the Meeting
Of the
Board of Trustees
Johnsburg Public Library
May 10, 2011
Trustees Present: K. Hughes, J. Stockwell, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, E. Munson
Trustees Absent: R. Barnes, E. Robel
Also Present: Dir. M. Zawacki
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Pres. E. Munson at 7:03pm.
Approval of Minutes
Motion was made by M.J. Farrell, seconded by K. Hughes, to approve the minutes of the April meeting as presented. Ayes: M.J. Farrell, K. Hughes, K.Kucik, E. Munson. Abstention: J. Stockwell. Motion passed.
Approval of Bills
Motion was made by K. Kucik, seconded by J. Stockwell to approve payment of the bills in the amount of $39,854.61 from the general fund and $2,147.50 from the building fund.
Ayes: M.J. Farrell, K. Hughes, J. Stockwell, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Financial Report
Trustees reviewed the treasurer’s financial report, noting corrected amounts.
Trustees reviewed notice from the attorney regarding legal compliance dates for FY2012.
Trustees reviewed certificate of canvass results from April election.
Trustees reviewed notice from Paper Retriever Co. regarding our double payment for the Earth Day Challenge.
Trustees reviewed correspondence indicating 2012 IMRF contribution rate, noting that the rate in less than 2011.
Trustees reviewed FY2012 tax income report, noting an expected increase of 3.09% over past year.
Unfinished Business
Motion was made by K. Hughes, seconded by M.J. Farrell, to approve staff salary raises of 3 % across the board. Ayes: M.J. Farrell, K. Hughes, J. Stockwell, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
New Business
 Tues. June 14, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. was set as the date and time to vote on approval of the Working Budget for FY2012.
Director’s Report
Trustees reviewed the director’s report. Trustees remarked on the success of the recent LEGO train display. Dir. M. Zawacki announced the library would sponsor a bus trip to sights in Milwaukee scheduled for June.
Public Input
There was no public input.
Board Input
There was no board input.
Motion was made by M.J. Farrell, seconded by K. Kucik, to adjourn the meeting. Ayes: M.J. Farrell, J. Stockwell, K. Hughes, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Meeting was adjourned by Pres. E. Munson at 7:31 pm.
                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                Kathleen Kucik, secretary


May 2011
  1. Staff update and new summer intern:
David Wentz, who has been a shelver/clerk here for the last 3 ½ years, has resigned. His last day was May 7. He has been offered a summer internship at Follett in his field of computer science. In addition, his school schedule for next semester at UIC doesn’t leave room for employment. David has graciously offered to continue to help us out on a volunteer basis for tech related issues – such as website issues, Follett reports set up, etc. Jessica Norris, another clerk/shelver, will be taking off 6 weeks this summer to spend time with family overseas. Current staff, as well as a new summer intern, will help fill her hours. The new intern is Barb Tegtmeier, who is currently a student in the College of Lake County’s Library Technical Assistant program. Barb will be doing her required 96 hour practicum here. She currently works at the McHenry East High School library (which also uses our Follett Destiny program) and in the high school office in the summer. We haven’t finalized a schedule for her yet, but since she doesn’t get off of work until 3:00 p.m., she’ll be scheduled for late afternoon/evening hours in June and early July. She’ll help at the Checkout Desk and during slow periods at the desk will work on inventory and weeding.
  1. Roof:
Phil Liederbach, our architect, requested some more pictures of the cracked roof shingles. It finally stopped raining long enough for Kurt to take some photos. I forwarded those photos to Phil and haven’t heard back yet.
  1. Book store donations:
Borders donated 127 boxes of books to the United Way, who then made them available to the libraries in the county. We added about a cartful of new materials to the collection. I also took two large boxes of Christmas fiction and some music CDs, which we’ll just put out as giveaways during December. I also recently had a message from the manager of Barnes and Noble, who said she would be contacting me when they had items leftover from their clearance sales.
  1. “All Aboard for Reading” statistics:
Our National Library Week celebration, funded with a $2,000 grant from Target, was a big success. There were a total of 974 people who attended the weekend LEGO train display. Oddly enough, there was exactly the same number of people who came during the entire day on Saturday as during Sunday afternoon – 487. There were 154 entries for the Thomas backpack, which accounted for 658 items checked out. (They had to check out items in order to enter.) Paulette had 53 children and 45 adults attend her train-themed story hours during the week.
  1. Latest eBook update:
Overdrive has announced that Amazon’s Kindle will soon be compatible with Overdrive eBooks. It is scheduled for launch later this year. The number of participating libraries in our OMNILibraries Overdrive consortium has grown to 22, with an additional 10 libraries going live at the end of May.
  1. Food for Fines report:
Cindy compiled statistics on our recent April Food for Fines drive. From her email and snail mail blast, only 16 patrons returned overdue items during this time period. One was overdue from last September and 15 were from March of this year. It’s apparent from this that while Food for Fines is a good opportunity for patrons to pay off existing fines, it apparently only helps to get recent overdues returned.
  1. Library Systems:
At our April board meeting, there was some discussion regarding the consolidation of the various library systems. PALS will be a part of the new RAILS System (Reaching Across Illinois Library System), which will also include the following current library systems: Alliance (Peoria), DuPage (Geneva), North Suburban (Wheeling), and Metropolitan (Burr Ridge). The other state library system will be known as the Illinois Heartland Library System, which will include Rolling Prairie (Decatur), Lewis and Clark (Edwardsville), Lincoln Trail (Champaign), and Shawnee (Carterville).
April 2011 statistics:
TOTAL CIRCULATION:  9,642                                AVG. DAILY CIRCULATION:  332
VOLUMES ADDED: 341                                          VOLUMES WITHDRAWN: 132
TOTAL VOLUMES: 60,894                                      TOTAL PATRONS REGISTERED: 11,474
ILL BORROWING STATISTICS: 265                       ILL LENDING STATISTICS: 310                 
Respectfully submitted,
Maria Zawacki, Library Director