Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Feb 8 2011 7:00 pm


Tuesday, February 8, 2011
7:00 p.m.
Call to Order
Approval of Minutes                        
Approval of Bills                                            
Treasurer’s Financial Report            
Committee Reports               
Correspondence                     -    Email from auditor regarding GASB54 resolution
-          2011 Develop Impact Fees from Johnsburg
-          Pictures and thank you from Taiwan book donation                  
Unfinished Business               -   Review other carpet bids                  
New Business                         -    Approve Resolution R2011-2-1 (Resolution Confirming Fund
 Balance Policy)
-          Approve quote for shelving units
-          Approve AT&T Illinois Century Network Access Service Agreement           
                                                -      Review “Vacations” policy
Director’s Report                              
Public Input
Board Input
February 2011
  1. Blizzard report:
We did have one casualty of the blizzard – our Thursday night Italian cooking program from the Eat, Pray, Love cooking series. The chef lives near Chicago and didn’t want to chance travelling this far, so he cancelled it. Plus, some patrons had called earlier to cancel because they were still not plowed out. (This is why I don’t schedule a lot of programs during January and February!) The library closed at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday and we were able to adjust our circulation system so that patrons were not charged late fees for Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ve manually waived any fines for patrons who called to say they still couldn’t get out on Thursday or Friday either. 
  1. eBook subscription update:
We are set to go live with our Overdrive eBook subscription on February 28. Overdrive will be making a training video available on their website the week before, so staff will have scheduled off-desk time to view it. There were some technical glitches in getting the patron authentication aspect to work, but our computer guy worked with Overdrive and was able to come up with a solution.
  1. Volunteer report:
Our two new volunteers started in the beginning of January and are doing a great job. Tom Job is the retired gentleman who comes once or twice a week mostly to shelfread and shift books to keep the shelves neat and in order. Hannah Crowe comes in 4 times a week with her high school aide. Hannah’s been putting items on the shelving carts in order and cleaning DVDs. She’s doing such a good job that she will soon probably be coming in without the aide. It’s been a great help for our shelvers to have those carts in order and ready to shelve.
January 2011 statistics:
TOTAL CIRCULATION:  10,357                              AVG. DAILY CIRCULATION:  357
VOLUMES ADDED: 269                                          VOLUMES WITHDRAWN: 199
TOTAL VOLUMES: 60,011                                      TOTAL PATRONS REGISTERED: 11,311
ILL BORROWING STATISTICS: 325                       ILL LENDING STATISTICS: 326                 
Respectfully submitted,
Maria Zawacki, Library Director