Library Board Meeting

Mar 10 2009 7:00 pm

                                                            Minutes of the Meeting

Of the
Board of Trustees
Johnsburg Public Library
March 10, 2009
Trustees Present: E. Munson, K. Kucik, M. J. Farrell, J. Stockwell, K. Hughes. Also present was director M. Zawacki.
Trustees absent: R. Barnes, E. Robel.
Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by Pres. E. Munson at 7:08 pm.
Approval of Minutes
Motion was made by K. Hughes and seconded by J. Stockwell to approve minutes of the February 2009 meeting as presented. Ayes: J. Stockwell, K. Hughes, K. Kucik, E. Munson.  Abstention: M. J. Farrell. Motion carried.
Approval of Bills
Motion was made by k. Kucik, seconded by M.J. Farrell, to approve payment of the bills in the amount of $40,511.44. Ayes: K. Hughes, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, E. Munson, J. Stockwell. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Financial Report
Trustees reviewed the treasurer’s financial report, noting that we are in good financial condition at this point.
Trustee R. Barnes arrived at 7:12pm.
Committee Reports
There were no committee reports.
Trustees reviewed notice of increase in IMRF rate of 10% above 2009 rate. New rate will be 11.63%.
Trustees reviewed notice of Per Capita grant award in the amount of $14,465.44.
Trustees reviewed notice of $7.27 profit from Paper Recycling Retriever.
Trustees reviewed “thank you” from “Mardi Gras Cooking Party” attendee.
Trustees reviewed “thank you” from Library Foundation of Hancock County Mississippi for our gift of $190.00
Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business.
New Business
Volunteers were requested to work at the annual Johnsburg Business Expo. J. Stockweel and K. Kucik volunteered to work the library’s booth from noon until 1:00pm Sat. April 4, 2009.
Motion was made by K. Kucik, seconded by M.J. Farrell, to approve bid for lawn maintenance from Harms Landscaping in the amount of $2,810.00. Ayes: J.Stockwell, K. Hughes, M.J. Farrell, R. Barnes, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Motion was made by K.Kucik, seconded by M.J. Farrell, to change our “contests and prizes policy” to reflect the deletion of “and their immediate families” from the policy statement. Ayes: J. Stockwell, R.Barnes, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, K. Hughes, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by K. Hughes, to go to a two-year cycle for employee evaluation, except in case of new employees until they “fall into the cycle”. Employees will be evaluated in even numbered years. Ayes: M.J. Farrell, K. Hughes, J. Stockwell, K. Kucik, R. Barnes, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Trustees reviewed long range plans regarding bank property adjacent to the library. Property is
 1.3 acres. Trustees noted existing sign easement. No action was taken.
Director’s Report
Trustees reviewed director’s report. Congratulations were extended to the staff for the Lincoln’s 200th birthday celebration and “Lincoln Log” reading program.
Public Input
There was no public input.
Board Input
There was no Board input.
Motion was made by M.J. Farrell, seconded by J. Stockwell, to adjourn the meeting. Ayes: K.Hughes, M.J. Farrell, J. Stockwell, R. Barnes, K.Kucik, E. Munson. Meeting was adjourned by Pres. Munson at 7:47pm.
                                                                        Respectfully submitted,
                                                                        Kathleen Kucik, secretary