Library Policies

Below are some of the policies about the public's use of the library.






Behavior in the Library

If a patron is creating a disturbance or causing problems in the Library, the library staff has the authority or right to tell that patron to leave the library. If that patron refuses to comply and continues to cause problems, the police can then be contacted to eject that patron from the library.

Circulation Policy


Loan Periods
  • New Adult Books: 2 weeks
  • All Other Books: 4 weeks
  • Magazines: 3 weeks
  • Audiobooks: 3 weeks 
  • DVDs: 1 week
  • Homeschool Resource Center Items: 6 weeks
All items, except interlibrary loan materials and theatrical release DVDs, may be renewed for an additional loan period unless the item is on reserve for another person. You may renew materials in person, by phone, or online with a log-in account.
Interlibrary Loans and Reserving Items
Both Johnsburg library card holders and patrons with cards from other libraries may reserve all items owned by the library.  Johnsburg card holders may also request items from other libraries using the 'Interlibrary Loan Request' form.   Patrons from other libraries must request Interlibrary Loan items from their home library (the library that issued your card).
Overdue Fines
  • DVDs: $1.50 per day, to a maximum of $10.00 per movie
  • All Other Items: 20 cents per day, to a maximum of $5.00 per item
  • Lost Items: Cost of item, plus $5.00 processing fee
Collection Agency
Patrons with items five weeks or more overdue and existing fines having a total combined value of $25 or more are turned over to the library's collection agency. A $10 collection agency fee will be assessed on the patrons library card.

Community Room Use

The Board of Trustees of the Johnsburg Public Library District offers the use of the library's meeting room to non-profit groups for educational, cultural, and civic purposes free of charge, provided such meetings are open to the general public. For-profit groups may use the room upon payment of $50 per meeting. The library and the Board of Trustees do not support any position taken by any group by virtue of allowing a group to use the public meeting room.

1. Permission to use the library's public meeting room will be based on the following considerations:

  • Library-associated groups will have preference over other groups.
  • No admission fee may be charged, no fund raising event may be held, and no sale of any kind can take place without permission of the Library Director.
  • Only the library and library-associated groups may use the public meeting room more than once a week. The room may not be reserved more than 3 months in advance without the permission of the Library Director.
  • A representative or representatives of the group or organization must accept personal responsibility for all damages and financial loss occurring through the group's or organization's use of the public meeting room facilities.
  • The room will not be available for use when the library is closed.
  • Child care is not available in any area of the library. Parents must make arrangements for taking care of their children while they are attending the meeting.
  • No phone calls, messages, documents, or faxes will be accepted by the library staff for those administering or attending meetings.
  • Groups composed of children under the age of 18 must have adequate supervision.
  • Meeting room use which would interfere with normal library activities and work because of noise and other factors will not be permitted.

2. Any of the above conditions may be waived by the Library Director in consultation with the Board of Trustees.

3. Use of Public Meeting Room Facilities:

  • Beverages other than water are not allowed in the meeting room.
  • All groups and organizations are responsible for arranging the room for their use and for leaving all facilities in the same condition as they find them. If library staff has to clean up the room, a $50 janitor fee will be assessed.
  • No group shall be permitted to store equipment on library property.
  • Absolutely no smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, use of controlled substances, or activities which are inherently dangerous are permitted.
  • Groups using the meeting room must comply with ADA and are responsible for providing qualified interpreters or auxiliary aids upon request.

4. Permission to use the library's public meeting room may be denied if the group or organization has used the room in the past and failed to follow public meeting room use policies.

  • Suspension of Use- The library Board of Trustees may suspend the use of library facilities by individuals pursuant to Illinois State statute, and normally such suspension will be for a specific length of time. The library may provide specific regulations pursuant to statute for persons committing offenses with library property on the library grounds. (Sec. 1004-11 (14))


Computer/Internet Use

Computer/Internet Use Policy (approved 4/12/2016):

          The Johnsburg Public Library uses Internet filters to protect children from pornographic or extremely obscene images as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  No filtering solution is 100% effective.  The Johnsburg Public Library makes no claims that every pornographic site or image will be filtered, although the library has made a good faith effort to attempt to do this with its filters.  The library’s filters may be turned off at individual stations at the request of any patron age 18 and older, as long as the request is for accessing information that is not considered illegal.  The Johnsburg Public Library has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. Information may be reliable and current or it may be inaccurate, out-of-date, controversial or even offensive to some people.

       Library users access the Internet at their own discretion. Parents and legal guardians of minors are responsible for determining the limits of their children’s access to the Internet and providing guidance to them.


By using any computer of the Johnsburg Public Library patrons agree to these terms.  These include:



Library staff cannot provide in-depth training. Staff will provide assistance as time and the expertise of the individual staff members permit.


In order to discourage unruly or noisy behavior, staff may limit the number of users at any single workstation at any given time.


There is a one-hour time limit on all computers, unless no one else is waiting for one. Usage is available on a first come-first served basis.


Library computers may be used only for designated and legal purposes.  Illegal or prohibited acts may include but are not limited to: viewing or producing sexually explicit or pornographic materials, violation of copyright laws or software licenses agreements, using Library computers to buy or sell illegal items, creating slanderous or libelous material, harassment of other users or violation of their privacy, attempting to break into the library’s computer network, any deliberate attempt to alter software or hardware configurations, or any attempt to cause degradation of system performance or any other ‘hacking’ of library equipment.


Users are responsible for deleting any personal files saved on Library computers during their sessions.  Files saved on Library computers may be accessible to other patrons using the same computer.  Computer hard drives are set to delete saved information at the end of each day. The Johnsburg Public Library is not responsible for the loss of any file that may have been saved on a public station. Storage devices are available for purchase if files need to be saved.


While reasonable efforts are made by the Library to guard against malware and to protect user privacy, no guarantees can be made as to the security and privacy of any activity conducted on Library computers.  Users conducting personal business on Library computers do so at their own risk.


The library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of personal property incurred as a result of the use of library workstations. This includes but is not limited to damage to users’ storage devices or personal equipment.


Wireless Internet access is available at the library.  Patrons should be aware that wireless access is less secure than wired access.  The library cannot assure the safety of your personal data when you use either our wireless or wired access.  The library assumes no responsibility for any problems or damage that may be inflicted on any equipment by using or attempting to connect to the wireless network.


The library charges 10 cents a page for printing in black and white from all computer workstations.  Color pages are available for 50 cents per page.


Illegal/prohibited use of the library’s computers or failure to follow the terms of this policy may result in suspension of computer privileges, being required to leave the premises, having library privileges limited or suspended, and/or appropriate legal or disciplinary action.  Illegal acts may be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.




The Johnsburg Library accepts donations of books, DVDs, music, and videos.  Boxes for the donation of old cell phones, glasses, and retired American flags are also available.  Encyclopedias and magazines are not accepted as donations.

Unattended Children

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are in the library. The Johnsburg Public Library staff is committed to help children with activities related to the library. However, the library staff cannot, nor is it their responsibility to serve as baby-sitters, teachers, or disciplinarians. In order to prevent undue disruption of normal library activities, to accommodate the general welfare of all persons using the library, and to provide general safety of children using the Johnsburg Public Library, the Library Board of Trustees has approved the following rules as policy:

  1. All children attending Story Hour, ages 2-5, shall attend with a responsible adult remaining in the building during the assigned story hour.
  2. All children 7 years of age or younger shall, at all times, be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible adult or mature adolescent 13 years of age or older.
  3. Children 8 years of age or older may use the library unattended providing proper behavior is maintained. Parents will be contacted if any inappropriate behavior occurs.
  4. When the safety of an unattended child is in doubt, or the parent or responsible caregiver cannot be located, or if the Library is closing, Library staff is authorized to call the police and stay with the child until the police arrive.
  5. In all situations, children with disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the library building and property. Procedures for inappropriate behavior will take effect immediately. The Johnsburg Public Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises, including prior to or following all scheduled events.
  6. In the event a young person is still at the library 15 minutes after the library closes to the public, the police will be called to pick up the young person. Attempts will be made during that 15 minutes to reach parents, but in no instance will staff take young people home.



Dear                                        ,


The Johnsburg Public Library has recently experienced an incident involving your child,                                                        , where they were on Library grounds unattended by you or a responsible caregiver. A copy of the Library’s policy on Unattended Children is enclosed here for your attention. We ask that you review this policy and make every effort to follow it. We do not wish to suspend Library privileges for you or your family, but the safety of children as well as the proper operation of the Library is our first responsibility. If you have any questions regarding this policy or its enforcement, please contact the undersigned.


Very Truly Yours,



Board President or Library Director

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