Library Cards

       The Johnsburg Public Library is a tax-supported public library. This means that people residing within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Johnsburg Public Library pay taxes to support the library. Those people who live within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Johnsburg Public Library need pay no additional fee to be eligible to receive their first library card.

            As a resident card holder, the borrower identified on the valid borrower’s card may physically take his or her library card to another library to borrow materials. Those materials are the responsibility of the individual who borrows them, and are subject to all of the fines, rules, and regulations of the lending library. Often libraries limit the borrowing privileges of reciprocal borrowers, and it is best to establish local rules and procedures before making your selections.
            Individuals residing beyond the jurisdictional boundaries of the Johnsburg Public Library and not within the boundaries of another Illinois public library, and owning no property within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Johnsburg Public Library, may purchase a non-resident library card at the closest participating Illinois public library. The Johnsburg Public Library honors all valid Illinois public library cards, whether they are resident or non-resident cards. The Johnsburg Public Library non-resident card fee shall be determined annually. (Policy updated 3/16/06)
District Residents:  A free, three year Johnsburg Public Library card is issued to any resident, or persons who own real estate or rent within the boundaries of the Johnsburg Public Library District.  Proof of residency within the library district and photo identification must be presented at the time of application for a library card.  A valid library card must be presented by patrons in order to check out library materials. There is a fee of $2.00 to replace damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen library cards.
Hotel/Motel Resident Card: Hotel/motel residents within the library’s taxing district will be issued a 1-year library card upon proof of thirty days continuous residence. This regulation is adopted by the Board pursuant to Illinois Compiled Statutes (75 ILCS 5/1-3) (from Ch. 81, par. 1-3). (policy approved 1/13/09)
Reciprocal Borrowers: Any person who presents a valid library card from an Illinois reciprocal library may use that card to check out all materials from the Johnsburg Public Library. Reciprocal card holders shall abide by all rules and regulations of the Johnsburg Public Library.
Age Requirements: Anyone age 5 and over may apply for his/her own library card subject to the above conditions. All persons, age 17 and under, who apply for a library card must have the application form signed by a parent or guardian before they may receive a library card. This library subscribes to the policy that parents are responsible for the materials which their children read and this library will not actively restrict or censor materials which children check out.