Homeschool Internet Resources

How To Begin Homeschooling

If you are looking for information on how to begin homeschooling, background information and legal information is available at the following sites:
A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Web Site
Ann Zeise has created this wonderful, informative and very well maintained site.  No matter where you live or what your personal philosophies toward homeschooling are, you will find useful information here.
Home Educators Resource Directory
Comprehensive resources for the home educator.
Homeschool Diner
At the Homeschool Diner you'll find a full menu of articles, curriculum ideas, links to online resources. You'll also find helpful suggestions, friendly advice, and a little homeschool humor, on the side. Open 24/7.
Homeschooling Legal Defense Association
Advocates for the rights of homeschoolers and the right of parents to direct their children's education. Though a Christian organization, it works on behalf of both secular and religious homeschoolers.
National Home Education Research Institute
This Christian non-profit organization has done a great deal of research on and about  homeschooling over the past decade or so.  Some information is available on line.
Illinois Specific Information
Illinois Association of Roman Catholic Home Educators
Illinois Christian Home Educators
Information about IL law, conventions, support groups and more.
Illinois H.O.U.S.E
(Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience)
Statewide non-denominational site has very accurate state legal information (including samples of form letters and procedures), a field trip page of ideas of what to see and where to go near you, and the best homeschool supplier list I have seen on any state or national list to date.
Popcorn & Peanuts:ALL the Illinois Home Education Laws in One Place
This independent site has a wealth of information on everything from removing a child from an Illinois school in the middle of the year to driver's education classes and graduation requirements.